08 January 2010

J'adore Paris?

Pretty sure that I will (it'll be my first time, but what's not to love?)! Found out a couple of weeks ago that I will be making a brief trip overseas for work. Ever since I have been daydreaming about my trip which has led me to think about all of the above. Two weeks from now I will be soaking it all in for real instead of living vicariously through fictitious characters & reality TV (a great way to start the new year). Cannot wait!

[images: cb/cb/cb/rzp2/dwp/dwp/dwp/dwp]


Genevieve Gail said...

It is the most magical place in the world! You are gonna love it!

The Hubster and the Wifey said...

awesome!! so jealous. take lots of pics and write lots of blogs so i can live vicariously through you, mmmkay?