08 November 2009

SUGAR + ice

Finally got a chance to celebrate my birthday this weekend with the fiance and the fam. Pictured above are some of the notable items from my birthday loot. So glad that I stumbled upon the BR Chiffon-Trim ScarfGloves when I was constructing my wish list. At the time I was torn between the Sugar Plum & the Dark Charcoal, so I let my little birthday elves solve my dilemma. Thankfully my parents had the sense to stick with the Sugar Plum for both items -- it's absolutely gor-geous in person. John hooked it up with the KS ear candy found on Piperlime; these studs have further fueled my newly developed lust for all things shiny, sparkly, & Spade. Below are the newest items added to my never-ending wish list. Everything that glitters may not always be gold, but if it were... you wouldn't hear me complaining.

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The Hubster and the Wifey said...

Awesome loot, lady! I hope it gets chilly again soon so you can wear your scarf and gloves. Can't wait to see that ice in person!