05 November 2009

Party in the U.S.A!

Just got back from a 2.5 week work trip in China, so glad to be back in home sweet home Georgia. Usually the trips are work, work, work, but this time I was able to explore Tung Chung while we stayed in Hong Kong (highly recommend that you make it over there!). Above are some pictures of a gorgeous monastery we visited (complete with chanting monks). The jet-lag is bringing me down a little bit and I'm feeling pretty rough, but I will post more photos this week & get back on track with my regular scheduled posting.

P.S. -- I'm loving the perfect weather we're having here on the East Coast -- glad to be back in time to enjoy it & I'm back just in time for my Mom's birthday!! Gonna celebrate both of our birthdays together this weekend (here she is below with my bro in the mountains of Tennessee). She's in need and want of a great new purse, so I'm gonna go hunting for one tomorrow.

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logan said...

Welcome back Erin!!!

Hope you're feeling better! and I hope you have a great birthday celebration with your mom. Happy Birthday Jeanne!