17 November 2009


Ever since I've been back from my long stint overseas, I've been feeling overwhelmed with all of the necessary "catching up" business. Even an enjoyable task like thumbing through the stacks of magazines & catalogues that I piled up in my absence seems daunting; not to mention the already un-fun time suckers like bills, work, & cleaning. You know it's bad when even your first (finally delivered) issue of InStyle cannot de-funk you. Plus I've encountered some mini-mergencies as of late (anxiety attack that led to ER visit, lost debit card, & waking up to my dented-in-the-middle-of-the-night car on my way to a 6 AM work meeting). 

All of which have led me to my tried & true cure all: RTM (Retail Therapy Mode); I'm currently in full on RTM. Above is a recent acquisition; got it in the pink -- it's very very soft, oh so comfortable, & adorable with button detailing on the shoulder. Depending on how things progress, I may have it in every other color by the end of the month. A win-win situation -- here's to looking at the closet half full, not half empty.

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The Hubster and the Wifey said...

OOO! Looks so comfy. Sorry to hear about your mini-mergencies. Hope things calm down soon! Let me know if you want to talk to anyone about anxiety attacks b/c I have had several myself!