05 January 2012


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John & I are currently on our staycation this week. You know, that thing you do when it's more rational & less stressful to not spend a huge chunk of change on jetsetting somewhere new & undiscovered, but instead stay home to enjoy your local surroundings. There are a lot of things that we don't make time to enjoy when we are busy working, so it's still fun & exciting like a true vacation (that's not to say that I would pass up a trip somewhere tropical if presented the opportunity).

 Here's a visual roundup of some of the things on our list that we'd like to do, see, & make while spending all of our time together. Among other things, we will  sleep in, spend time  outdoors (long walks with our pup, Hazel, are always enjoyable), see a live show (if possible, at the newly renovated Georgia Theatre here in town), visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (John's never been!), tour the Georgia Aquarium (neither one of us has been yet), try some new recipes & cook them together (also dine out at a new-to-us local restaurant), & bake some things to further satisfy the lingering holiday sweet tooth.

There'll be an Instagram photo roundup of our adventures posted next week.


KP said...

Enjoy the staycation! I miss Atlanta terribly but I definitely agree that you've picked some fantastic options to experience it!

Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Thanks, KP! Where do you live now?