04 January 2012

Currently Obsessed

The Currently Obsessed site is like a fashion & home decor specific version of Pinterest with lots of popular products all in one place. Choose which of your favorite bloggers you want to stalk in order to access the top items they have pulled from a wide range of offerings from numerous designers & companies.

Click directly on a photo to view details. Price can be a dealbreaker for me, so I love knowing the cost of the item first thing. If further interested, hit the buy button to go directly to the purchasing site.

Not ready to purchase? Then mark & store your most liked items, so that you may revisit them when you've got a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. This site is a fantastic way to discover hidden gems that have already been scouted by the bloggers you most admire for their taste.

Click here to view my recent finds & to stalk me.

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