10 December 2010

I'm Baaack

Now that we're hitched, honeymooned, & moved into our first place together, it's nice to look forward to spending time with my family this holiday. Sorry for that unannounced two month + hiatus that I took; my apologies. Please consider the brand new header a peace offering to redeem any love lost in my absence.

Aside from family & food during the holidays, the presents are my favorite; I enjoy the searching, the wrapping, & the giving (& the receiving of them too, of course). Above are my favorite items from West Elm's current offerings (BTW, click on the links embedded in each corresponding number if you want to see more details about each item).

.1. Pratt Wall Accessories Set, on sale $69.99
.2. John-Paul Phillipe Framed Sketches, $44.00, free shipping
.3. Porcelain Origami Ornaments, no longer available - ugh!
.4. Round Uplight Table Lamp (Hammered Metal for me please), $59.00
.5. Mercury Snow Owl Ornament, special $9.00, free shipping
.6. Hillside Quilt + Shams, Slate, on sale $14.99 - $99.99
.7. Six-Point Star Ornament, no longer available
.8. Metal Curtain Hardware, no longer available
.9. Organic Seedling Duvet Cover + Shams, Seaspray, King, $99.00

There are also a number of great items (like these adorable origami banks) that when purchased will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®; so the generosity of your gift doesn't stop at the initial recipient. They would make an adorable addition to a children's room. I know I could use one to save up all of my pennies for these items on my wish list.

[all images: west elm]


logan said...

Glad to see you're back! Love the new banner!

Eben said...

ME, TOO...thanks for the ideas for Santa - pictures soon? Much xxxooo's