20 September 2010

Hitting the Bottle

With less than a couple of months until the wedding, I've been super busy working on all of the odds & ends that arise after you've picked your venues & all of your vendors (oh and yeah, did I mention that we're also looking for a place to live too? we will hopefully be moving a couple weeks prior to the big day!). At the moment, I am feeling pretty in control of the whole process, but that feeling fluctuates from low moments of stress to very high moments of stress & sometimes make you want to hit the bottle (haha, just kidding! but yes, you just can't keep everybody happy, can you?).

Found this very cute occasion wine in my Reader tonight & it's just too adorable to resist. We may or may not be throwing this bottle back on the night of the wedding.


Eben said...

cute - so happy for you and John...love your'finds'...xxxooo

Anonymous said...

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