15 July 2010

Photographer? Captured!

Last night, John & I booked our wedding photographer [yeah!]. Extremely down to earth with a dark room in the basement of his home, Jason Thrasher wowed us with his images of musicians such as Elf Power, the Drive-By Truckers, Booker T, & Andre 3000, as well as adorable images of his two daughters, & beautiful weddings shot in various locations. Above are some enhanced sample shots of a recent wedding he captured at Willow Oak Farms in Madison, Georgia.

We're extremely eager to work with Jason for an engagement shoot in October & then seven hours of quality time on our wedding day in November. If you're in need of someone talented to capture an upcoming milestone in your life [or a new addition in the family; his images of children are precious!] then you should definitely set up a consultation with Mr. Thrasher.


Eben said...

impressive - reminds me of my youthful days at Atlanta Photo- we sold dark-room equipment and chemicals to some of the best photographers in Atlanta, many with the Atlanta Constitution...he 'looks' really good - happy you two are pleased...I'm gonna shoot a few rolls myself...B&W and Kodachrome

carrie jones said...

these are beautiful! i can't wait to see YOURS!