05 April 2010

S-S-Sampled :: Dr. Brandt's

Recently cashed in one-hundred Sephora points for a deluxe sample of Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner which I tried for the first time over the weekend. After washing your face with your preferred cleanser, you apply a dime size amount of the pore cleaner to your t-zone for about five to ten minutes then rinse with warm water. My pores feel revived after one use of this blackhead buster, so I am eager to see some results after the week's worth of uses left in my gifted bottle. 

There is a bag full of small & deluxe samples in my bathroom that have been awaiting their own trial runs, so now a new category of posts (labeled S-S-Sampled) will be dedicated to documenting my favorites. I'll need some serious skin TLC when I return from the harsher elements of China; my skin always acts out while I'm over there (I leave tomorrow. Eek!).

[image via *sephora]


carrie jones said...

this is a wild invention--i cannot believe it exists. at the same time, why the heck didn't anyone think of this sooner? hahaha.

don't go to china. just staaay.


Eben said...

always the way with simple solutions:'why didn't I think of that...' - sitting in a dentist's chair years ago, I opined...'why can't [they] develop a mouthwash that will dissolve plaque?...twenty-five years later, [someone] did...I missed-out again...