25 March 2010

Sole Searching

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that I have been seriously M.I.A.(I can explain, promise!). John & I went to visit my NYC family March 12-14th, work has been crazy busy, & last weekend we spent the majority of our time in the ATL for a friend's birthday party & for our favorite expecting couple's first baby shower. Not to mention, we've been increasing wedding prep. Last night we met with the Sales Manager at the Foundry Park Inn & Spa to discuss available dates in November and additional costs to consider. Been crunching the numbers again since I got home, but enough with the financials, on to one of the more exciting decisions -- stiletto selection. The Randall is a luxe 4.5" black satin Badgley Mischka stiletto with soft fabric flower detail; all of which could be accompanying me down the aisle.

P.S. -- John won $1000 on a scratch off lottery ticket today (crazy, huh?!) JT, if you're reading this, baby needs a this new pair o'shoes!

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Eben said...

beautiful shoe! Congratulations, John...wow - good win! Hope the Luck continues - great post, Erin...particularly proper English you possess...I'm enjoying your blogger-page! luv...Dad