22 February 2010

Paris As Promised, Part Deux

So all of my Paris pictures (except for those taken at the Masion & Objet) are from our first day in Paris which turned out to be a surprise free day. Our flight out of Atlanta was at 3:30pm on Wednesday & we landed in Paris at 6:30am on Thursday morning. It took us about an hour by taxi to travel from the airport to our hotel, the Pullman Hotel Tour Eiffel. By the time we reached the hotel, I was in full on zombie mode & I had already lost one of my Banana Republic Plum Chiffon-Trim Gloves (a sad loss that I have yet to come to terms with considering they are no longer being sold; fingers crossed they have a similar pair next year). After checking into our rooms, we were given about three hours to nap until we were to reconvene around noon to start working. Shortly before we were to meet up, my boss stopped by our room to let us know that we'd have the rest of the day off to get acclimated & ready for an early call time the next morning. At which point we napped a little bit longer before heading out to see the city (could have slept all afternoon & possibly through the night, but didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to explore). Running on about only four hours of sleep means that I was feeling a little rough & therefore cannot be found in a single one of these pictures.

I did, however, document the hot chocolate (it's thick & rich like a melted chocolate bar) & club sandwich that I enjoyed for lunch at the Angelina Paris which is a tearoom that was founded in 1903 (Coco Chanel used to take her five o'clock tea here). They had an endless of amount of mouth watering pastries & sweets as well as packages of their hot chocolate mix to take away with you. If you're in the city, this is a must stop after a visit to the Louvre. Can't wait to go back with John one day for more Parisian adventures. 

More images to come later this week featuring the grounds of the Louvre & Notre Dame.

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Eben said...

exquisite photography - great framing and clarity - thanks for allowing us to enjoy