04 January 2010

You Really Got a Hold on Me

Just made our first couple approved wedding purchase from CB2 (can't wait 'til we officially set a date, so we may start a registry with them). We will be using their chrome storage basket to house all of our wedding favors. The open weave chrome-plated steel will allow for our guests to get a look-see at the packaged mix CDs we are making for 'em prior to the reception's end when they get to take one for the ride home (or for the after party in their hotel rooms; no drinking & driving allowed!). Best part -- this doubles as a purchase for the home office I plan to set up in our first place.


logan said...

Yay for wedding purchases!

Can't wait until we can start crankin' out the goods!

Barbara Wilkinson said...

I agree, Logan! Can't wait!