05 January 2010

Post-Holiday Pick Me Up

After all of the shopping, wrapping, feasting, toasting, unwrapping, feasting, & resting it may be a little tough to get out of bed in the morning to get back the everyday demands & humdrum. I've turned to my iTunes in order to fight off the holiday blues & to keep me from hitting the snooze button more than three times each morning. Here are some of my new favorite songs to get me going in the morning, to keep me going at the office, at the gym, & to keep me awake on my commute home. 

[1] "Perfect for Me," off of Shwayze's "Let it Beat" Album (also love "Maneatrrr")
[2] "Put it in a Love Song," Alicia Keys duet with Beyonce on her new album "The Element of Freedom"
[3] "If We Ever Meet Again," Timbaland featuring Katy Perry
[4] "Somebody to Love," Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke
[5] LMFAO's "La La La" (it'll get stuck in your head
[6] "Dance in the Dark," on Lady Gaga's Fame Monster Album (& pretty much the whole album)

[7] "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes (not as upbeat, but very sweet; makes you reflect & appreciate)
[8] "Young Forever," Jay-z featuring Mr. Hudson
[9] The Avett Brothers' "Kick Drum Heart" & "Slight Figure of Speech" (among others on the album)

Download, upload, & turn up the volume because these will getcha goin'!

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