25 July 2012

Roadtrip Roundup, Part Two

Finally, the rest of my images from our roadtrip to Savannah, Georgia & Hilton Head, South Carolina. We really had a great trip & we would love to see more of these cities one day soon.

1/ A view of River Street before we walked down the long, steep steps leading to the cobblestone 2/ John and the river in the distance 3/ A perfectly delicious meal at the River House Seafood & Bakery 4/ We ordered the crab cake as an appetizer, but I forgot to take a picture until we were devouring the last of the bed of mango chutney served underneath the crab cake

5/ Lunch at the Hilton Head Diner upon arrival 6 + 7/ Walking the beach to watch the waves on an overcast afternoon 8/ Pretty palm trees on the pool deck at the Marriott Hilton Head Resort + Spa

9/ A refreshing strawberry daiquiri at the hotel's outdoor restaurant 10/ Another overcast view of the ocean 11/ Light and flavorful fish tacos for lunch 12/ Hotel lobby coffee & donuts for a quick breakfast before hitting the road on our way back to Athens

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