15 March 2012

Try These

Ever since someone suggested this product to me through an Instagram message, I have been hooked. After a shower, I spray a generous amount of it onto my scalp & hair while my hair is still wet. Then I comb through it & let my hair air dry over night before styling in the morning. This product helps to combat the beating my hair takes from the flat iron & curling iron in addition to keeping it from knotting & tangling. The additional shine alone is worth the larger price tag for this item.

This setting spray is quite addicting because it works so well. I just blew through my first bottle and I am ready to reorder my next supply. Every morning, I can't resist adding a couple of sprays at the end of my makeup routine. I'll probably be a little bit more conservative with my next bottle. This product is great for long workdays or a special night out -- you're makeup will still look great when you leave the bar after last call.

Big thanks to my Aunt B because she gifted me this lipgloss for Christmas; her note read "best lip gloss ever." She was right, I love this stuff. It's great on a bare lip or layered over your favorite lipsticks. Over time, I hope to branch out to try additional colors when I am able to splurge a little bit.

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