16 February 2012

Parisian Wine Tasting


Can't believe that I almost forgot to share these images from the wine tasting we took while in Paris. My co-worker discovered this tour online & booked seats for us before we even left the States. After a full, long day of work, we booked it to the subway to get to O'Chateau for an extravagant happy hour. One of the things we learned is that Parisian wine is named by the region from which it derives, not by the type of grapes from which it is made -- and that it tastes really, really good. Informative and delicious.

If you're in Paris or visiting, you should carve out some time to experience the tasting at the bar location & if you're vacationing then you should take one of their day trips to an actual wine region. After sampling one champagne & five wines, I was able to purchase two bottles of my favorites from the evening to bring back home to share with John. Now we both want to go to Europe to experience their wine country together.

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