17 January 2012

Staycation Roundup, Part Two

INSTAGRAM PHOTOS // 1/ Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes with Baileys Icing from Smitten Kitchen // 2/ Hazel sleeping with her tennis ball (one of many that may be found around our house) // 3/ John playing his new Playstation 3 (he's hooked on the game Uncharted 3) // 4/ Trying out a new recipe: Breakfast Tacos // 5/ Cuddling with Hazel on the sofa // 6/ Rentals: The Planet of the Apes (horribly sad + difficult to watch) & Colombiana (pretty good) // 7/ Fresh daises on our kitchen table // 8/ Matinee showing of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (loved it) // 9/ Currently reading this book on my iPad // 10/ The blue ceiling of our front porch (apparently it's good luck in the South) // 11-14/ Hazel giving me the cold shoulder since I accidentally locked us out of the house when we went for a walk while John ran some errands // 15/ Treats John purchased from Barnes & Noble during his errand outting // 16/ Pre-Christmas J.Crew purchase (charcoal gray striped cardigan) that finally arrived // 17/ New magazine issues (InStyle + US Weekly) // 18/ Athen's Flagpole Magazine to read the most current Tofu Baby Comic + our parking stub from dining downtown

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