19 September 2011

In My [Carry On] Bag

Above are a few of the items that I prefer to carry with me when traveling for business trips; I just left yesterday for another round of work in China. The flight is crazy long & if I am not prepared, I get restless easily. These items help to ease the discomfort & potential boredom.

This bag is very durable and the should strap makes it great for trekking around all of one's luggage through the airport. The bag doesn't have a zipper or button closure, so that's the one downside.

The flight to Hong Kong is about fourteen hours which doesn't include the layover in Tokyo, so it's nice to have a little something to keep you feeling and smelling fresh.

Being at such high altitudes for such a long period of time makes everything dry out, so I have to carry plenty of lip balm; this stuff does the trick to keep my lips refreshed.

4 // Magazines
Nothing is better than a huge stack of glossies to hold your attention especially during those periods of the flight when your electronics must be turned off. I love them all -- Marie Claire, US Weekly, SELF, Elle, Vogue, People, In Touch, InStyle, etc. 

Filled with lots of favorite music, a few television episodes (like the free download of Episode One of The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel), Games, & Apps.

I don't want to go sans makeup the morning of an early flight since there's an hour and a half drive from Athens to Atlanta and then plenty of time spent in the airport security lines. I plan on removing my makeup once the long end of the trip starts, so that I may apply moisturizer religiously throughout to keep my skin from drying.

These magical little sticks are great for removing stubborn waterproof mascara on the go.

8 // GAP Cozy Infinity Scarf in Gray
The soft rolled knit of this scarf would make a great piece for layering when the air on the flight is running strongly and you want to stay warm and comfortable. I tried to track this down in-store, but as of right now it is available online only. Guess I will have to pack one of the scarves that I already own.

Sample sizes of these products are great for your carry on since they fit under security regulations; these will help me keep my face clean & full of moisture for the long flight

10 // Glow VitaminWater 
When traveling by air for such an extended period of time, it's important to remain hydrated, so I will be drinking my favorite flavored water on the way to the airport and then purchasing a few very large bottles of Fuji water once through airport security

11 // J. Crew Magic Wallet [Similar]
For organizing all of my business cards, ticket stubs, cash, expense report receipts, etc.

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