15 August 2011


*Give your fingers some extra sparkle in addition to any rings you may already be wearing.

Elsie's Wedding Ring Finger Manicure on A Beautiful Mess + Miu Miu Heels (pictured + similar, similar, & similar)

To achieve this look, pictured here on my hand, you will need a favorite bottle of base coat (like this one), a pink or coral nail polish (I chose to go more pink with OPI's La-Paz-itively Hot; another good color would be OPI's On Collins Avenue), Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips (I used Glitz Blitz), & a bottle of top coat (like this one).

Pick which fingers to which you would like to apply the Salon Effects Strips (I chose the ring fingers on my right & left hand). Use the instructions to adhere the strips to your nails of choice (this will include pushing back your cuticles, buffing the nails, & filing the end of the nails). Then cover each strip covered nail with one generous application of top coat. After your sparkled fingers have finished drying, you may then proceed with applying your base coat, two or three coats of colored polish, & top coat to the remaining nails. Allow for ample dry time.

This initial polish application should last an entire work week or so. When the colored polish nails start to chip & wear, you should remove the current color (leaving the  Salon Effects Strip nails intact because those should last longer) & repaint with another color of your choosing (this one would look nice). 


Missy said...

Very nice! I still want my gold tooth!!

Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Don't worry, MK; one day you'll getcha gold toof!