23 May 2011

Sampled :: Glitz Blitz

Photo Credits: Marvelous Kiddo & Beso

This week I've worn the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in 260 Glitz Blitz. They are pretty easy to apply. After a you've applied the strips to a couple of fingers, you start to get the hang of it. I still had more trouble with application to my right hand since I am right handed. The best part is that there is zero dry time unlike nail polish.

The strips are guaranteed to last up to ten days, but I noticed some chipping after as few as four days (mainly on my right pointer finger which is one of my most frequently used digits). The box is full of enough strips for two full applications, so I am eager to try my hand at these again and hopefully maximize the length of this at home manicure. Once I run out, the leopard print strips will most likely be my next choice (or these polka dotted strips by O.P.I though they're a little bit more pricey).


Fashion Tales.... said...

I tried the blue glitter version of this, I noticed that when I used a Top coat it lasted a bit longer. But not 10 days. the longest for me was a full wk.(7days) with a double Topcoat. It's fun to apply these though! :)

Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Thanks for the tip! Should have known to add a top coat. Here's hoping that helps my second application last longer. Definitely fun to apply & they receive many a compliment.