01 June 2010

Vitamin Schtick

Maybe y'all have seen this in your drugstore already, but I just stumbled upon the Vitamin Schtick (it's so good!). So far I've only sampled the fruit punch flavor, but it's my new go to lip balm & I am eager to try the other flavors. I am hooked on it already; the only drawback being that even though the smell is very potent, once on your lips, the flavor doesn't last very long. I'm convinced that Glaceau should produce Vitamin Water lollipops as their next venture (wouldn't that be a delicious way to get extra vitamins?!).

Also, I am happy to report that since stretching out my sample of Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner, I've noticed reduced visibility of my pores. PNMVC also helped me combat the slight breakouts that developed while I was overseas. Given the price tag, I won't be purchasing a replacement bottle any time soon, but the next time my pores are in trouble I'll know to turn to this product for some resolution. 

[images via *teen vogue & *sephora]

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Eben said...

neat finds - enjoy your exploration reports, Luv...