20 May 2010

C'mon Baby Light My [Candle]

[1] Trix Candleholder, $4.95 from Crate & Barrel
[2] Beaker Glass Candleholder, $0.95 (!!!) from CB2
[3] Reflex Candle Tray, $79.95 $39.95 (watched it like a hawk just a'waitin' for it to go on sale) from CB2
[4] Piper Candleholders, $2.95-$3.95 from Crate & Barrel
[5] Clear-cupped Tealight Candles (Set of 12), $5.95 from CB2
[6] Whirly Hanging Candleholder, $3.95 from CB2

Above is the idea board that I created (when I was holed up in my hotel in China) to document all of the candleholders we want to incorporate into our wedding decor. 

So far I've only ordered the Reflex Candle Tray & Clear-cupped Tealight Candles from CB2; it arrived yesterday & is crazy gorgeous. I'll admit that I didn't unwrap each tealight (there are thirty-six of them total!), but John & I will run a trial set up soon. Ideally I would love to incorporate it into both the ceremony decor as well as display it on one of the main tables in the ballroom during the reception. After the hitchin' & dancin', it'll make a great accent piece on our living room coffee table or perhaps it will reside on top of our (hopefully clutter-free) bedroom dresser. 

Found the event tip from Tara Guerard in the most recent Martha Stewart Weddings Color Issue featuring pink (& I plan to follow said advice). You may follow Tara's advice as well (on Twitter), check out her site, purchase her book, or follow her blog

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