05 May 2010

Cinco de [Oh My!] o

So I am finally back from my longest overseas stint to date (about 3.5 weeks!). Time away gives one an opportunity to reflect on all of the things that matter most. Being back home after so long to enjoy said things is the best feeling. While I wasn't working, I was establishing some leads for more wedding vendors, establishing our wedding registries, & daydreaming about our first place.

Found this Dwell Upholstered Storage Bench in my blog reader thanks to a great Layers of Meaning, as per usual. I want, I need, I lust for this bench to be at the end of our bed in an apartment/condo/house that we have yet to find. John didn't share my same enthusiasm (a new TV is at the top of his list), so I may have to make this purchase happen pre-wedding. For now, it will simply end up in one of many inspiration folders.

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Eben said...

yes, men will always go for the practical over the artsy....generally - but working together, both can happen...I like it.