27 January 2010

Ground Transportation

Safely back in the states since late Monday night & mentally ready to hit the ground running on some new projects (most of which are for the wedding). Physically I am struggling a little with grogginess & an irregular sleep schedule, so until I upload all of my pictures & document my Parisian flea market finds, purchases, & swag, I am easing back into everything with a simple post.

Every where I turned at both Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport & Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, I spotted charcoal low top Chuck Taylors. Found this striped pair online today & would love to add both to my closet. Love my black pair & wear them all of the time. 


logan said...

Love those too!
Glad you got back safely! Can't wait to see posts from Paris! and let me know how I can help with those wedding projects!

cynthiapendley said...

karla P is wearing the low greys, with aqua laces. so cute.

Barbara Wilkinson said...

I have the brown "no laces" version but can't decide between the black and the grey with the laces!

Barbara Wilkinson said...

...and btw, the no lace Chucks are perfect for breezing through airport security.....surprised you didn't run into more of that style during your travels :-)