16 September 2009

BBQ & Jet-lag

Yay, I'm so glad to be home from a one week work trip in China! The trips are very productive due to a schedule booked full of appointments which makes the crazy long plane ride worth it. However, I get insanely homesick at night once I'm back in the hotel at the end of each day. Naturally, I miss my family, my fiance -- John, & Hazel, our chocolate labrador, when I am away. Plus I miss my day-to-day routine -- morning coffee, commute to work, office interaction with my co-workers, unwinding at the gym, & recapping my day with John. This time I was excited at the prospect of filling my down time in the evenings with new blog posts, but I wasn't able to access Blogger. Even more upsetting, I was unable to view my Reader all week... Ugh! 

Last night John and I chilled; he surprised me with some BBQ for my first meal back & I got him slightly hooked on Bravo's Flipping Out. Today has been a day of jet-lag recovery, paying bills, catching up on recent goings-on, & putting a little dent in the 500 posts that have accumulated. 

{I'll be adding posts that I had originally planned for this past week}

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logan said...

Welcome back!!! Hopefully we can hang out soon!