18 September 2009

AIR-WEAR + entertainment

Luckily my job attire is relaxed, so that I may wear comfortable clothes during my travels; would I survive if I had to where heels & a power suit in my coach seat?! I couldn't help from thinking about the second to last SATC episode when Carrie glamorously treks to Paris in Manolos & an adorable dress. 

It probably wouldn't be so difficult to pull off Carrie's air-wear in reality since a flight from NYC to Paris is approximately 7.5 hours. Sounds easy compared to 15 hours of total air time from Atlanta to Shanghai. Here is the breakdown of my completely different version of airplane attire (& entertainment) to get me through those long (sometimes restless & sleepless) hours.

(1) Old Navy Gray Cardigan: great for layering; the button detailing on the sleeves allows for it to easily be converted into a 3/4 length (2) Old Navy Brown Long-sleeved Tee: one of the softest shirts; I have it in a multitude of colors (3) Old Navy Perfect Khakis in Olive Green: great fit, comfort level is very high because there is a slight amount of stretch to the fabric (4) InStyle Magazine, September Issue: packed full of interesting imagery & info, so that you'll be distracted for hours reading about each detail (5) Black/Tan Work Tote: this is the fill in bag I mentioned in my last post; I was able to cram all of the essentials into it & it held up extremely well throughout the whole week (6) iPod Nano in Dark Gray: music helps me to stay sane on these trips; I'm constantly tuning into my favorite playlists in order to stay refreshed & upbeat -- I'm considering an upgrade to the iPod Touch before my next trip (7) Sony Headphones: my fiance let me borrow his pair for the trip since I recently lost my earbuds at the gym; now I want my own pair of these babies -- they're so nice! (8) RayBan Wayfarers: can't go anywhere without my favorite new to me sunglasses; great for that first step back into the sunlight (9) Black Low Top Converse: all time favorite everyday sneakers; they're so versatile & comfortable

My co-worker & I lucked out on our long flight from Atlanta to Tokyo because the two seats in between us were empty; I actually got to put my feet up & spread out -- it was a great way to set the tone for the rest of the trip.

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